“Mackenzie has edited several e-books, online programs, and blog posts for me. Her thorough talent of language really helps in making sure that my programs are well expressed and free of errors. Mackenzie works quickly and I have found it vital to have somebody format accurately. It is a massive time saver that allows me to move on to my next projects, promptly and with ease. I use Mackenzie as my main editor and am sincerely impressed with her work. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to save time and wanting to produce projects with the confidence that they have been thoroughly looked over and formatted.” —Angela Morris, RMT, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach and Founder of Sokoko Life

“Mackenzie Berg shows clarity and expertise in many areas of web content and promotional skills. I have enjoyed working with and learning from her.”   Vera Johnson, owner of Village Green Perennial Nursery

“As a first time writer, I learned more about writing from Mackenzie than from all other sources combined. From syntax to style and all the little things in between, she helped to bring my story to a finished state. It is a pleasure to work with a real professional like Mackenzie Berg, and I hope to do it again.”  —Ted Shender, artist and writer

“Mackenzie is a creative, energetic, hard working, and dependable coworker, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her as an Advocacy Project Fellow in Delhi, India. Her skills as a photographer and graphic design professional are matched by her ability to communicate easily and effectively with people across cultures, and to present information and ideas in a way that is instantly accessible and appealing. Moreover, I was inspired by her dedication to her work and to creating the best possible product in her project. I believe these characteristics will allow her to make invaluable contributions to future projects and teams which she works on.”  —Paul Colombini, Advocacy Project fellow